Come Try Hockey

"Come Try Hockey" is a flagship event hosted by the Langley Girls Ice Hockey Association (LGIHA), designed to inspire and introduce young girls to the exciting sport of ice hockey. Recognizing that the first step in developing a lifelong love for a sport is providing a welcoming, supportive, and safe environment to try it, LGIHA launched this initiative.

Held annually at local ice rinks around Langley, "Come Try Hockey" invites girls of all ages from 4 to 17, to experience ice hockey first-hand. No previous experience or skills are required to participate in this event. It is an open and inclusive space where every girl can try hockey regardless of her ability or familiarity with the sport.

At "Come Try Hockey", participants are provided with equipment, coaching, and the necessary ice time to immerse themselves in the sport. Experienced and friendly coaches from LGIHA, alongside former and current players, guide the girls through basic skating techniques, puck handling, shooting, and game rules. The environment is non-competitive and focused on learning and enjoyment. It's not just about skills; it's about inspiring a passion for the game and empowering girls through sports.

One of the unique features of "Come Try Hockey" is the chance for participants to meet and interact with advanced players from LGIHA's teams. This gives the young girls role models to look up to and learn from and a glimpse of what they could achieve if they continue with the sport.

Over the years, "Come Try Hockey" has proven to be a huge success. It has helped LGIHA recruit new players and played a crucial role in spreading awareness about girls' ice hockey. It embodies the LGIHA's vision and mission of promoting girls' ice hockey and creating a positive, encouraging, and inclusive community around the sport.

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Conditioning Camps


Dust off the Rust

The Langley Girls Ice Hockey Association (LGIHA) is organizing its "Dust off the Rust" house camps from August 28-31, 2023, at Sportsplex. Inside Edge Hockey and Complex Hockey will facilitate the U7-U15 camps, while qualified LGIHA coaches will conduct the U18 camp. The camps will be age-appropriate, quick-paced sessions covering various skills like skating edge work, balance techniques, stickhandling skills, power skating, passing techniques, small area games, shooting techniques, and team play. Camp fees are $125 for registered LGIHA skaters and $75 for registered LGIHA goalies. Registrations are open and can be made via this link: U15/U18 players interested in Junior coaching should contact Any registration queries can be addressed to


U13/U15 High-Performance Summer Camp

The Langley Girls Ice Hockey Association (LGIHA) is excited to announce the "U13/U15 High-Performance Summer Camp", set from August 21-24 at Sportsplex. This camp, facilitated by Inside Edge Hockey, aims to prepare players for a stellar season adequately. Daily routines will include two on-ice sessions with development team members at 9:15 AM-10:15 AM and 12:30 PM-1:30 PM, an off-ice dryland training session at 10:30 AM-11:30 AM with an off-ice development team member, followed by lunch at 11:30 AM-12:10 PM. The training will encompass a range of skills, such as battle/compete skills, stick handling, power skating, passing, shooting, and team play. Participants are required to bring all hockey gear, dryland clothes, and a healthy snack and lunch. Please limit sugary snacks and drinks. The camp is open to U13/U15 skaters, and consideration will be given to higher-skilled U11 skaters. Fees are $250 for registered LGIHA skaters and $125 for LGIHA registered goalies. Registration is currently open at Parent/mom volunteers are also needed for dressing room monitoring. For questions about registration or volunteering, reach out to or


House League

The Langley Girls Ice Hockey Association's (LGIHA) House Hockey, also known as the C Division, is a tiered program designed to accommodate a range of skill levels and provide a supportive and competitive environment for young female athletes to participate in ice hockey.

Unlike most boys' hockey programs, the LGIHA's C Division is tiered, dividing it into multiple levels based on the participant's skills, experience, and age. This unique approach allows players to compete against others at a similar level of development, thereby ensuring balanced competition, encouraging individual growth, and maintaining high levels of enjoyment and engagement.

Each tier in the C Division has a dedicated coaching staff who focus on developing players' hockey skills, understanding of the game, and fostering a team spirit. While each tier presents a progressive level of competition, all tiers emphasize skill development, sportsmanship, and the love of the sport.

The C Division caters to experienced players seeking a less intense hockey experience than the rep level and those new to the sport. It offers a balanced approach to competition and development, ensuring that each player receives the necessary attention and guidance to improve at her own pace.

The LGIHA's House Hockey or C Division is a testament to the association's commitment to fostering girls' hockey at all levels. It's a place where players can grow, compete, and, most importantly, enjoy the exciting sport of ice hockey.


Rep Team

The Langley Girls Ice Hockey Association's (LGIHA) Rep Hockey program, also known as the Competitive or A Division, is a high-level, skill-intensive program designed for dedicated and advanced female athletes who aspire to excel in ice hockey.

As the most competitive offering from LGIHA, the Rep Hockey program puts players in a challenging and stimulating environment where they can sharpen their skills, deepen their understanding of the game, and compete against the highest level of competition within their age group. It requires a substantial commitment from players and parents, with increased practice, training, and game frequency compared to the house league.

Each Rep team in LGIHA is guided by an experienced coaching staff who provide comprehensive training and mentorship. The coaching approach in Rep Hockey goes beyond on-ice skills and game strategy. It also encompasses fitness training, mental preparation, team building, and leadership development, creating well-rounded athletes prepared for the challenges of high-level hockey.

Player selection for the Rep Hockey program is made through a fair and thorough tryout process, usually before each season's beginning. It allows coaches to evaluate players on various attributes, including skill level, understanding of the game, physical fitness, and attitude.

Overall, the LGIHA Rep Hockey program is about more than just creating successful hockey players; it's about nurturing future leaders, promoting sportsmanship, and instilling a passion for the game that lasts a lifetime. It's where the players can take their love for ice hockey to the next level and prepare for even higher levels of the sport, including collegiate or professional hockey.