Financial Assistance

In today's society, the importance of physical activity and organized sports for children and youth cannot be overstated. However, financial barriers often prevent many deserving children from accessing these opportunities. Fortunately, several programs have emerged to address this issue and ensure that all children, regardless of their socioeconomic background, have the chance to participate in sports.


Athletics for Kids: Athletics for Kids is a program that provides opportunities for children to participate in organized sports and physical activities. It aims to remove financial barriers that may prevent children from accessing these activities. The program offers funding assistance for sports registration fees, equipment, and other related expenses, enabling children to engage in athletics and reap sports' numerous physical, social, and emotional benefits.


Canadian Tire Jumpstart: Canadian Tire Jumpstart is a charitable program established by Canadian Tire Corporation to help children from financially disadvantaged families participate in sports and recreational activities. It provides funding to cover the costs of sports equipment, registration fees, and other related expenses. The program aims to promote physical activity, foster inclusivity, and enhance the overall well-being of children by removing financial obstacles that may hinder their participation in sports.


Kidsport Langley: Kidsport Langley is a local chapter of the national Kidsport program in Canada. It is specifically dedicated to supporting children in the Langley area, allowing them to participate in organized sports. The program offers financial assistance for sports registration fees, enabling children from low-income families to engage in various sports activities. Kidsport Langley promotes physical health, skill development, and social integration through sports participation.


PuCKS: PuCKS stands for Providing Community Kids Success. It is a community-based program designed to empower children and youth through sports and education. PuCKS offers a range of sports programs, including hockey, basketball, soccer, and more, and combines them with educational support, mentoring, and life skills training. The program aims to foster positive youth development, promote academic achievement, and instill important values and life skills in children, using sports as a platform for growth and empowerment.


Grindstone Award: The Grindstone Award Foundation is a charitable organization that supports female hockey players in Canada. The foundation provides financial assistance to girls and women involved in ice hockey, enabling them to pursue their athletic dreams. The Grindstone Award offers scholarships, grants, and various forms of support to cover costs associated with equipment, training, competition fees, and other hockey-related expenses. The foundation aims to promote gender equity, inclusivity, and equal opportunities for female athletes in hockey.